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☄ omg I made it work on my mobile device I am a copy/paste GOD



Aside from my giant crush on your writing abilities, one of my favorite things about you is what a thoughtful person you are. I don’t just mean thoughtful-considerate (which you definitely are - Paige heard I was moving and her first idea for my birthday present was to get me stuff to help with moving) but just…thoughtful. You think. About everything. You turn it over and ponder it and give good advice and are genuinely funny and basically I’m just really glad you’re my friend. <3 

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☄ ps: I love you eemmmmmmm


I really admire the way you work for yourself. You’re talented already, and the fact that you leverage your wonderful talent and do the Mom/Wife thing too just blows my mind. You are superwoman. xD 


I don’t even remember how we met?  And lately we’ve been talking more and RPing together and basically you are just a lovely, wonderful human being and I’m glad I know you, because you’re sweet and your writing is amazing. 


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(Shooting star symbol thingy that I don't know how to do) :3

Hello sweetie! I’m not sure I know you very well, but a lot of the posts on your dash made me lol, and you’re apparently in marching band, which is v. cool. xDDD

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☄ Wheeeee have a birdie! (Which reminds me, it's been ages since I've played badminton. SUMMER COME HEREEEEE)

CHRISSYYYYYYY there are so many things I like about you! 

BUT I GUESS it’s because you have never hesitated to support me. Whenever stuff gets icky, whether I’m just in a mood, or whether things are actually icky, you’re one of the most loyal, supportive people I know, and you always make me smile when I don’t feel like smiling. 


I’m so frustrated

I’m missing key crucial details of my move and my dad is suddenly getting all “well I figured this wouldn’t work out” “I don’t want you to move out too soon, when you aren’t ready” and he’s being really sweet but ALSO kind of incredibly condescending and just

I really need to get the details of this hammered out soon so I can stop worrying about them

Bedtime for me!

If you sent me an ask tonight, I’ll respond tomorrow! 

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are we tumblr in-laws

We are now.  dryadalis, you’re now my tumblr sister.  FYI.

I am 100% fine with this. Tumblr family ftw!

Ooh, ooh, can I be in this too plz?  :D

You can be my sister, Izzy.

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Em, can i have a shooting star thingie comment?

Hello lovely! I wish I knew you better than I did, so that I had more to say, because you always seem so completely dear. 

One thing I really like about you is how proud you are of who you are. It reminds me of someone else I’m very fond of. xD